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Fortis Facility Data

Fortis Facility Data

FortisAlberta delivers safe and reliable electricity to more than half a million customers in 200 communities across Alberta. As a wire service (electricity distribution) provider, FortisAlberta is also responsible to build, maintain and upgrade a vast network of facilities throughout Alberta; which includes over 1 million power poles, over 117,000 kilometers of primary and secondary lines, and an array of street and yard lights within their service territory.

As a participating member of the Alberta Data Partnership’s P3 initiative, FortisAlberta is making this fully attributed GIS dataset available to industry through its distribution partner AltaLIS Ltd.


Transactional access fee is $120 per delivery of the complete coverage.

Annual Subscription is $600. Includes 12 monthly updates.

Product Features:

FortisAlberta facility data is comprised of 4 GIS layers: Poles, Conductors, Street Lights, and Service Territory. Over 1 Million poles, over 117,000 kilometers of primary and secondary lines, and an array of yard and street lights are maintained within the FortisAlberta Service Territory, and updated on a monthly basis.

Product Details:

Fortis Facility data is available in SHP format, 10TM projection (reference meridian of 115), and the Datum is NAD83.

Attributes for the Poles, Conductors and Service Territory include: Ownership Information, Installation Dates, Height, Type, Class, Voltage, Phase, Length, etc.


Every effort has been made to ensure spatial accuracy of the data, however, this product is a mapping representation of FortisAlberta owned and operated facilities only and may not accurately depict the exact geographic locations on the ground. Other wire service providers are not shown.

For any planned or required ground disturbances, you must obtain accurate location details from FortisAlberta field staff. To locate underground services, ALWAYS ‘Dial Before You Dig’ and contact Alberta One Call at 1-800-242-3447.


Download a sample of the Fortis Facility dataset.