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SPOT Imagery

SPOT Imagery

Using conventional digital imaging technologies, satellites obtain imagery in areas of difficult access anywhere in the world and transmit to receiving stations where it is recorded and processed. The SPOT Satellite imagery available through our Online Store or the Views streaming web service is 1.5m colour balanced, acquired by SPOT 6 & 7.


SPOT Imagery can be purchased through the Online Store, or included as Web Service for unlimited viewing and plotting. Subscriptions to SPOT are determined by a user/price per seat based index, or BOE levels for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Planet has exclusive distribution rights for the distribution of SPOT imagery in Canada. As part of our distribution agreement with Valtus, AltaLIS cannot sell SPOT outside of Canada, and Provincial, Federal, and Education markets are excluded.

Product Features:

The information in a SPOT Image gives an objective, reliable picture of the Earth’s surface. Both accurate and all-encompassing, a single SPOT image covers a surface area of 3,600 km². SPOT Images are available in multiple formats including JPEG, GEOTIFF, TIFF, and PNG.

Product Details:

SPOT 1.5m color-balanced, ortho-mosaick products cover the Western Sedimentary Basin and are derived from images acquired by Spot 6 & 7.


For proprietary reasons, there is no sample of SPOT imagery available. For immediate access to SPOT Imagery data, log in to the Imagery Store and define the search method, projection, coordinate system, and output file format. Orders are delivered VIA FTP within minutes!

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