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20K Base Features

Base Features

The 1:20 000 Base Features is a GIS spatial database product to which other natural resource and land management information can be related.

Base Features includes over 60 layers of topographic information separated into 5 major themes (Access, Hydrography, Geo Admin, Contours, and ATS). Updating projects are ongoing at the Government of Alberta.

The Base Feature coverage includes the entire province (3030 files) and is available by the National Topographic System (NTS) grid and full provincial layers. A 1:20 000 NTS map sheet covers the area of approximately 2.5 townships.


Base Feature topographic mapping is available at no cost under the Open Data License and are accessible from the download tab.

Multiple formats, projections and merged options are available for a minimum service fee of $50

Product Features:

Alberta Township System - Arcs and polygons with extents for quarter sections and road allowances. Based on the V4.1 (March 2005) ATS Coordinate file

Hydrography - The extent of land covered by intermittent or permanent water bodies or watercourses. Includes direction of flow

Access - The location and nature of features that can be used to gain vehicular access to land and resources and to dispositions related to surface activities

Geo-Administrative Areas - Land areas that have explicitly defined boundaries, established by legislation or by an agency to manage or administer land use

Contour Linework - 10m (20m in mountainous regions) contours, consisting of arcs and index annotation, will combine to create a seamless cartographic theme to define Alberta’s topography

Product Details:

The Base Features open dataset is a NAD83 GIS (SHP) product, with an accuracy of +/- 5 meters for most of the province. Full provincial layers are in 10TM Forest (500,000 easting applied).