Active CGM installation Trouble Shooting

Problem Solutions
Plug in will not install Verify your browser security is set to Medium by going to Tools > Internet Options > Security:
  1. Select the Internet Icon
  2. Click the Default Level Button
  3. Set slider to Medium
If your Operating System is Win2000 or XP:

You will need to logon using an Administrative account and then install the plug-in.

Plug-in installs but the map does not display.



If your Operating System is Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1:

Windows XP Service Pack 1 changes security settings in Internet Explorer that older versions of the CGM Control will not work with.  

  1. Click here to download the un-install  batch file. When prompted select:

       Save (to download the un-install file called acxunins.bat).
       Close all Internet Explorer windows  (to unlock the current ActiveX control).
       Run the un-install bat file  (use MyComputer to navigate to and run acxunins.bat).

    Internet Explorer Plug-in does not un-install for additional information to un-installation information.
  2. Use the previous pages to Install the current version.
Internet Explorer Plug-in does not un-install. The Active CGM un-installation process does two things:
  1. It remove the plug-ins from the registry.  If this works cleanly you will first see a message in a window with the title "Regsvr32".  The message that is displayed is:

    DllUnregisterServer in c:\WINNT\system32\acgm.dll succeeded

  2. The acgm.dll file is deleted. If the file delete process works you will see the following message in the Command Window:

Active CGM plug-in removed.

       If the acgm.dll file was NOT deleted you will see the following message:

The process cannot access the file because
it is being used by another process.
Unable to delete C:\WINNT\system32\acgm.dll. Please exit and restart your browser and try again.

If you see this message you will need follow these steps to remove the acgm.dll file:

  • Close all lnternet Explorer windows to release the lock on the ActiveX Control file. 
  • You can then either:
    • Manually delete the acgm.dll  file from the Windows Operating System directory
    • Re-run the acxunins.bat file.